Can You Lose Money Selling a House As-Is? If So, How Much?

Selling a house as-is can cause homeowners to lose money.

Selling a house as-is seems appealing to people, but they naturally wonder if they have a catch involved. For example, will they lose money if they sell their home as-is rather than working with a real estate agent to put it on the housing market?

After all, you must pay agent fees if you get a realtor, but will the money you get from selling an as-is home get you more in the long run? On top of that, you must consider how much time you have to sell your home, but you can learn what to expect.

Even though you can lose money selling a house as-is, you should understand the factors and how to maximize the value. Doing so can help you save money, maximize your value, and understand what you can change to help you.

Ensure you make an educated decision as you determine how much you lose selling a house as-is versus repairing it.

Can You Lose Money Selling a House As-Is?

As you seek cash home buyers in Minnesota, you’ll wonder if your home sale can lead to money losses. To keep it simple, your financial outcome will depend on multiple factors in your area.

  • The housing market
  • Changes in the home’s quality
  • Loss of appliances or amenities

The housing market plays the most significant role in how much the value varies. So, you’ll want to consider the condition of the market before you search online for cash buyers with terms like “we buy houses Minneapolis.” Homeowners can take cash offers from a company, but the owners may need help to reach the bottom line if it isn’t a seller’s market.

To add to that point, you may have a home inspector go through your house and discover problems during the home inspection. They may notice you have damage on your walls and various repair costs, so they lower your home’s value.

Speaking of repairs, you must maintain and keep your appliances and amenities, so if you lose any of them, their value drops. It impacts your selling price and naturally drops the offer from the cash buyer since they’ll pay you upfront. 

Other factors can also affect your home’s value, so consider them and look through the market value to understand what you could lose and how it affects your situation.

How Much Money Do You Lose Selling a House As-Is?

The amount you lose during the home selling process depends on various factors, similar to how you can lose money while selling your house as-is. While you have the asking price, you probably won’t get it, so you’ll want to remember multiple factors while considering the value.

  • The current condition
  • Selling for cash
  • Any necessary repairs

Start by reviewing your home’s condition since the more issues it has, the less you’ll get from it. If you sell a house fast in Bloomington and other areas, the company will review the house and determine if you have a fixer-upper.

Speaking of which, selling a house fast means getting a lower value in exchange for no agent commission, avoiding the market, and removing the hassle. However, you may receive a lowball offer depending on the situation, but it varies between companies.

You should also look through repairs your home could use since they can impact the value. If home flippers must perform renovations, especially on major repairs, you’ll see a considerable drop in your home’s value and the potential money gained. 

In short, you may need to address home improvements before listing your property for sale.

How to Make the Most Money Possible Selling Your House As-Is

Before you seek a lender or join the open market, you should review the options available to boost your listing price. You’ll want to review some easy tricks to help you increase the value, seek upgrades, and improve your home for real estate investors.

Spend Time Staging

While it may seem unnecessary, making your home presentable will help you maximize your staging efforts and enhance the home. Having your home staged will make it look nicer, so an inspector appreciates the value and doesn’t get distracted by clutter or dirty areas.

You can hire a stager to help you set up the house and make it look lovely. It takes time to do correctly, and you may need an eye for what people expect, so having professional help can make a difference.

Watch the Real Estate Market

The process also involves keeping your eyes on the real estate market. The values of homes change throughout the year, with some areas increasing in value and others dropping depending on the situation, so you’ll want to watch it.

For example, if you have time to wait for the real estate market to peak, you can hold off on selling your home to maximize its value. However, if you can’t wait, you may not have the chance to wait for that moment, so you must weigh it out and determine the best moment.

Get More Eyes on Your Home

Speaking of which, you want more people to look at your house and see how many potential buyers you can get to visit it through multiple methods.

  • Listing it online
  • Contacting more cash home buyers
  • Having an open house

You should utilize the internet to reach more people and help you gain potential buyers. Even if you don’t have as many people visiting during an open house, you can reach out to cash home buyers through the internet to see who wants to check your home.

You’ll quickly pick up on which options offer the best deals, allowing you to minimize your losses.

Keep Your Home Up-To-Date

Do what you can to update your home, since people want to move into houses with new features and a specific feel. For example, if you have a smart home, ensure everything works, but if you don’t, give it modern conveniences, such as air conditioning and laundry machines.

It never hurts to compare your home to ones in the local area, giving you a feel for what others want. If tons of homes have certain appliances and features, those in the local market most likely find value in the appliance, making it ideal for your house.

Some repairs are made before selling a house.

Should You Make Repairs Before Selling a House As-Is?

As you consider your options, you’ll wonder, should you fix it up or sell it as-is? Ensure you review the pros and cons beforehand while looking at the real estate market in your area to figure out which action works best for your needs.


As you review your home needs, you’ll identify why repairing your home can help you with the price.

  • Boost the value
  • Secure more offers
  • Get more than you spend

Ultimately, you’ll get more money from your efforts if you repair parts of your home. For example, if you can fix the dishwasher, people will pay more for your home since they won’t have to worry about that appliance.

You can also get more offers from companies as they realize your home’s condition. Flippers will make repairs, but they want to make it easier for themselves, so they’ll offer you more money if you have it in a better condition than other options.

Also, you can get more money out of your repairs, which involves your ROI and prioritizing it. If you can maximize your ROI and get significantly more money than you spend, you should put effort into those repairs.


While you’ll enjoy benefits if you don’t make repairs, you should review the drawbacks you could face.

  • Spending more time on the home
  • Not getting a good ROI

If you commit to repairs, you must spend time on your home before moving to a new location. The postponing can cost you time to the point where you must make another payment on your mortgage before selling it, costing you more money.

However, if you look into selling a house with foundation problems, you may find the costs compared to the value not worth the ROI. While minor repairs may work for your situation, you could find extensive repairs cause too many problems.

Ultimately, you must go through the options and determine which covers your needs the best. Doing so can save you time and money, especially if you must pay a mortgage while you seek prospective buyers.


While your home value varies based on the sale price, closing costs, and similar expenses, you must realize when you could lose money on the house. If you believe you could lose money, you should review the market conditions and your mortgage payments.

Doing so can help you cover the costs while maximizing your profits in the current market. For example, you should see what you can get from repair value while considering real estate transactions and options for your house.

If you take your time and find the right moment, you can utilize the local market to maximize profit. Your first step to getting your desired outcome will be to choose a cash buyer to help you sell fast at a fair price.


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