4 Housing Market Trends in Minneapolis for 2022-2023

Understanding the latest housing market trends in any city or state can help homeowners decide when is the best time to sell their property or buy a new house.  Analyzing the housing market forecasts for the 2022 year and beyond can help homeowners, and future home sellers understand the differences between mortgage rates, buying market, … Continued


Your Guide to the Coon Rapids Housing Market (2022)

Deciding on a new place to live is always a challenge. With the current market trends, there’s so much that you need to take into account to ensure you find a good neighborhood.  If you’re curious about the Coon Rapids housing market, crucial factors you will consider when looking for a home include the home … Continued

Aerial view of Woodbury, MN

Things to Do in Woodbury MN During the Weekend

There are plenty of things to do in Woodbury, MN. You can explore the downtown area in search of museums, arcades, and the next great dinner. If you want to experience some culture, visit the theater, or explore your creative side by painting on ceramics, Woodbury has it all! You can choose from a variety … Continued

free things to in Coon Rapids

Free Things to Do in Coon Rapids Minnesota

Residents of Minnesota know that it’s one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States. Here, you’ll find thick forests and sparkling lakes. The Twin Cities metro area is full of activity, both indoors and outdoors. Coon Rapids is a suburb north of Minneapolis with a population of over 60,000. This location, … Continued

Things to Do in Cottage Grove MN With Kids

Things to Do in Cottage Grove MN With Kids

Situated approximately 16 kilometers south of Saint Paul, Minnesota, is the small but picturesque suburb, Cottage Grove. This charming city is 10 miles southeast of the state’s twin cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, sits on the north bank of the famed Mississippi River and has a population of 37,120. Cottage Grove has been slowly gaining … Continued

Fun Things to Do in Burnsville MN

Fun Things to Do in Burnsville MN

One of the hidden gems of the North, Minneapolis, Burnsville is a great place to live, raise a family and retire. If you’re contemplating the cost of living in Minnesota or buy my house in Minnesota, you most likely want all the information you can get about the town–recreational activities included. After all, no one … Continued

things to do in Bloomington MN

Top Things to Do in Bloomington MN

Maybe you know about the Southern Indiana city of Bloomington, In and its Hoosier National Forest, Indiana University, B-Line Trail, and Monroe Lake. However, have you ever heard about Bloomington, the fifth largest city in Minnesota?  You may know that it is the home of the Mall of America, but there is so much more … Continued

Bloomington MN housing market

Bloomington MN Housing Market (2022)

Navigating the Bloomington housing market can be difficult because of how competitive the prices are. Homes in Minnesota are always in high demand. There are four cities in Minnesota where the average housing price is over $1 million. Luckily, Bloomington is not one of those cities.  Finding an affordable Bloomington home, however, can still seem … Continued

St Louis Park MN Property Tax Rate

St Louis Park MN Property Tax Rate

One of the most difficult aspects of selling a property is determining the correct price and when to sell – advertise your home for too much, and no one will buy. If you list for too little, you’ll miss out on thousands of dollars. You’ll need to know the ideal time to sell as well … Continued

Property taxes in Bloomington MN

Property Tax in Bloomington MN (2022)

Property tax in Bloomington has continued to increase due to the pandemic and the tremendous increase in home value. People continue to seek exemptions due to devastating effects and taking advantage of their circumstances more than ever. For example, Hennepin County is well above the national average and the state of Minnesota when it comes … Continued

Housing Market Trends in Minnesota for 2021-2022

Housing Market Trends in Minnesota for 2021-2022

Future home buyers need to understand the latest housing market trends so they can tackle real estate and find the home of their dreams! It can be daunting to work on the house selling process. What are the latest real estate trends? What if you do not understand the Minnesota real estate market forecast? Do … Continued

Minneapolis housing market

Minneapolis Housing Market (2022)

The Minneapolis real estate market has continued the tendency established by national trends, indicating that things are improving. In particular, prices continue to grow owing to a severe shortage of availability, and demand stays strong notwithstanding previous increases. However, despite the fact that appreciation is now in its ninth year, real estate in Minneapolis is … Continued

free things to do in Edina Minnesota

Don’t Miss These Free Things to Do in Edina Minnesota

Planning a trip or an outing can come with big dollar signs attached, but there are usually many free options that won’t have you worrying about your wallet. If you’re planning a trip to Edina, Minnesota, there are tons of activities you can do without hitting your bank account.  Located just southwest of Minneapolis (also … Continued

Best Things to do in Maplewood MN

Best Things to do in Maplewood MN

If you live near or are going to be hanging out in Maplewood, MN anytime soon, or you are interested in living there, you may want to know what kind of fun things there are to do in the area. Maplewood is a rich and diverse area – home to plenty of awesome activities for … Continued

Romantic Things to Do in Maple Grove

Romantic Things to Do in Maple Grove

Whether you’re visiting Maple Grove, Minnesota for a weekend or you’re planning a romantic getaway, you’ll quickly fall in love with this area. With so many exciting activities and stunning places to enjoy, you might not want to leave! Make your time together memorable by visiting parks, waterfalls, dining in the finest restaurants, being serenaded … Continued