Selling a House Before 2 Years? Here’s What You Need to Know

Selling a home includes many stresses and problems, especially if it’s your primary residence and you want to move. Not only do homeowners cover closing costs and pay the real estate agent, but they must work around their current mortgage payments. For example, if you’re only two years into your payments with a 30-year interest … Continued

Things to do in Minneapolis During the Weekend

While anyone who has met a Minnesotan knows about their love for the outdoors, folks unfamiliar with the region may assume they spend winter cooped up with nothing to do. Locals know there’s plenty to do year-round, especially if you’re looking for things to do in Minneapolis on the weekend.  Minneapolis offers opportunities for recreation … Continued

Can You Lose Money Selling a House As-Is? If So, How Much?

Selling a house as-is seems appealing to people, but they naturally wonder if they have a catch involved. For example, will they lose money if they sell their home as-is rather than working with a real estate agent to put it on the housing market? After all, you must pay agent fees if you get … Continued

The Ultimate Getting Your House Ready To Sell Checklist

There are several reasons why selling a house can be difficult, from the proper pricing down to market exposure. But one of the main challenges that can significantly impact a home buyer’s decision is in your control. It’s how well your property is prepared.  Selling a house can be a daunting task. Many homeowners like … Continued

Your Guide to the Plymouth MN Housing Market (2023)

Are you considering buying or selling a Plymouth home with the help of a local agent? If so, you may need to research the real estate market of Minnesota.  Are there any market trends you should keep an eye on? Has the Plymouth housing market changed in the last year? In the guide below, you … Continued

Selling a Fire Damaged House in Minnesota (Is It Possible?)

One of the most devastating experiences homeowners can face is a home fire. The loss of an entire house and personal belongings can be overwhelming, and the fire department can minimize the extent of the damage. A homeowner with a fire-damaged property must work with their insurance company and restoration contractor. When you submit an … Continued

Cracked Foundation Repairs to Make Before Selling a House

One of the greatest dilemmas when selling a house with foundation problems is whether should you fix up or sell your house as is. In this case, fixing your foundation problems can help to rank your property higher, which makes it a better option than selling it as it is. Foundation issues and structural defects … Continued

Things You Should Know When Selling a Rental Property

Do you own a rental property in Minnesota and want to get into the real estate market? If so, you may want to try selling a rental property. When doing so, you may need to work with a real estate agent and inform your tenants of the rental property sale. You should have spelled that … Continued

How Much Are Closing Costs in 2022?

Closing costs are some of the biggest hidden costs of selling a house in Minnesota. It impacts buyers considerably as well. Many real estate sellers are left wondering how much their closing costs will be once they’ve secured a homebuyer for their single-family house. So, how much are closing costs in the current housing market? … Continued

Selling Your House Online in 2022 (What To Do)

Homeowners looking for a quick way to make a home sale without involving a real estate agent can sell their houses online. These days, you can buy and sell anything online, including properties. Read on to learn how to find potential buyers online with minimal hassle.  How To Sell Your House Online  Selling your home … Continued
The city of Plymouth, Minnesota, in the summer.

15 Things to Do in Plymouth Minnesota

People talk all the time about things to do in the Twin Cities when visiting Minnesota, but we must pay attention to the towns surrounding that part of the state. Plymouth is not a bad place to start in that regard. About Plymouth, Minnesota Plymouth is a suburb west of the Twin Cities, specifically ten … Continued

Do Squatters Have Rights in Minnesota?

There are many great reasons to be a landlord, but one of the most significant downsides is the potential for squatters on your property. Squatters are frustrating for landlords, those looking for roommates, and even those no longer living in their homes on the market. After all, they’re not paying property taxes, making rent payments, … Continued

The Best Things to Do in Bloomington MN With Kids

Bloomington, MN, is world-famous as the home of the Mall of America. But there are many other fun and exciting things to do in Bloomington, MN 55425. Located on the north bank of the Minnesota River, Bloomington is a suburb south of downtown Minneapolis. The suburb is approximately twelve miles from the twin cities, Minneapolis-St. … Continued

Can The Executor of A Will Sell the Property To Themselves?

One of the responsibilities of estate planning is to choose an executor for your will. Executors are now called personal representatives. This person will be responsible for protecting the best interests of your beneficiaries. Losing a loved one is difficult for family members, and the estate executor can follow the terms of the will while … Continued
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