Can I Bypass My Realtor and Sell My House Privately in Minnesota

A house that was previously for sale has now been sold.

Do you need to sell your home in Minnesota and you changed your mind about working with a real estate agent? Do you want to sell your house privately even if you already listed your property with a realtor? You’ll see that there are plenty of For Sale By Owner or FSBO sellers who have sold their properties without a realtor or real estate broker. 

So, are you wondering, “Is it possible to sell a house privately after listing with a realtor?” The basic answer is yes. It’s not an easy feat, but it can get done. The benefit of selling without a realtor and finding potential buyers by yourself includes avoiding having to pay a real estate commission. 

You can also sell your place quickly to cash home buyers who complete nearly every real estate transaction in only a few short weeks.

If you did first sign on with a realtor, you should pursue an open listing seller listing agreement or a multi-agency agreement. Keep reading to learn more about these realtor selling agreements. 

Ready to find out how to avoid the real estate agent commission and find prospective buyers yourself? Then, read on!

Realtor Selling Agreement Types

Selling a house without a realtor even if you’ve signed a listing contract is a possibility as long as you picked the right realtor selling agreement. 

However, even if you sign the right agreement and won’t work with a realtor as much, you will still need a real estate attorney to handle the legal documents part of the real estate market. For instance, a lawyer can help you ensure all property taxes and transfer taxes get paid by the right individual. 

Home sellers will find that there are at least four different types of realtor selling agreements available. Homeowners who work with a listing agent have to sign one of the following four agreement types.

  • The sole selling rights agreement
  • Ready, willing, and able purchaser agreement
  • Multi-agency agreement
  • Sole agency agreement

Sole Selling Rights Agreement

The sole selling rights agreement provides the real estate agency with an exclusive right to sell your property. Essentially, that kind of contract gives the real estate agency the highest amount of authority in the home sale. 

Regardless of where the home buyer comes from or who the buyer is, the realtor will receive commission fees for the home sale. Therefore, if the home sellers find the buyers themselves, they are still required to pay commission fees to the realtor.

In this case, the seller is responsible for paying the buyer’s agent fee and the listing commission fee of the selling real estate agent. Over the listing period, the selling real estate agent may be a listing agent, a salesperson, or a real estate broker. As the seller, you won’t have as many rights to sell your place if you pursue a sole selling rights agreement. 

Ready, Willing, and Able Purchaser Agreement

A contract that may benefit the seller is to sign a “ready, willing, and able purchaser” agreement. In that type of contract, the real estate broker or real estate agent will not receive compensation or a commission fee until finding a prospective buyer who is “ready, willing, and able” to complete the home sale transaction.

In that case, you will need to work with a real estate agent who will find you a home buyer. Realtors will hold open houses to attract buyers and help you pick the right sale price. Soon, you will have an offer on the table. The selling process will also include a home inspection to complete before closing day.

Once the closing day comes, you will have to cover closing costs including the brokerage fees, escrow costs, and the commission fees of the real estate agent.

Multi-Agency Agreement

A multi-agency agreement is also known as an open listing seller listing agreement. With an open listing or multi-agency agreement, the seller will have the highest level of control over their home sale and real estate listing. 

In this type of agreement, the real estate agency is non-exclusive, which means the seller has the right to have an open listing with several other different realtors from other real estate agencies.

With that type of contract, the seller can avoid paying a listing fee, which is more common with an exclusive right-to-sell listing. Essentially, with a multi-agency agreement, the seller will only pay commission fees to the realtor who completes the home sale with an effective, qualified home buyer.   

The realtors will help you sell the place by assisting with choosing the listing price and posting photos of the house on Zillow,, and other real estate websites.

A multi-agency agreement also benefits the sellers, as the sellers do not need to pay any commission fees if they find the home buyer themselves. As the seller, you may want to use social media to find a buyer.

Sole Agency Agreement

The sole agency agreement or the exclusive agency listing agreement is the best option for sellers going through the home selling process. On the one hand, the realtor will help the seller pick a purchase price based on the real estate market value. Along with helping select a home value, the realtor will hold open houses and showings to attract buyers.

However, on the other hand, with a sole agency agreement, the seller can find their buyer and no longer have to pay a commission to the real estate agent. Nonetheless, the realtor does initially have the right to represent the seller’s property and market it.

If the realtor can find a buyer who completes the sale, the seller will need to pay the commission fee on the closing date along with the costs of the lenders. The home selling process isn’t simple and first-time sellers may benefit from working with a realtor.

However, with a sole agency agreement, veteran sellers may consider finding interested buyers themselves and avoid paying the realtor fees. 

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How To Avoid Realtor Fees in MN

You can avoid realtor fees by finding a buyer yourself after signing a sole agency agreement or a multi-agency agreement with a real estate agent. You can also bypass working with a realtor altogether and avoid signing a contract. Then, you can put your house on the market as an FSBO seller.

When you try to sell your house by yourself, you will need to market the property. You can do so by using social media marketing and posting your home on real estate websites like Zillow and RedFin. On social media, make sure to tag the location and use real estate hashtags. 

Nonetheless, if you’re not ready to become an FSBO seller, you can work with top agents who help set the correct home prices and find the right buyer for you. 

Selling Through an Online Realtor

You can also sell your home using an online real estate agent. The online realtor is responsible for providing virtual tours to potential buyers of a residential or commercial property. These realtors also handle the real estate listing on websites like Zillow and generally work remotely to assist sellers. 

Essentially, online real estate agents seek out buyers who do not need to visit a residential property in person and only visit the place virtually. For instance, families who are moving across the country need to see a place virtually before buying it. Usually, it tends to be prohibitive for such families to visit the property before the move. 

An online realtor goes beyond posting listings online. These professionals work solely online to sell homes and commercial property.

Selling Privately to Cash Home Buyers

To avoid realtors and real estate agent commission fees, you can sell privately to cash home buyers or real estate investors. Cash home-buying companies can provide you with a fair cash offer upfront and complete the home sale in a short timeframe. 

Furthermore, you can sell the place in its as-is condition without needing to complete any home improvement projects. Before you know it, you will complete a home sale in only two or three weeks.


After reading the information above, you will no longer wonder how to bypass the realtor and sell your house privately. If you sign the right agreement with your realtor or wait until the contract is up, you can bypass the real estate agent and sell your home privately in the state of Minnesota.

One of the best ways to sell a house successfully is to sell to cash home buyers in Minnesota. The benefits of selling a house for cash include avoiding real estate agent commission fees, completing the home sale in weeks instead of months, and selling your place in its as-is condition without needing upgrades.

So, if you want to sell a house fast in Coon Rapids, choose cash home buyers. We buy houses Minneapolis residents adore, so contact us today!


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