How You Sell a House Without a Realtor in Minnesota

How You Sell a House Without a Realtor in Minnesota

If you want to sell your house by yourself MN, you may feel obligated to repaint the outside, landscape your lawn, or even upgrade your appliances. However, you do not need to make endless repairs to your home, you can sell it “as-is” without a realtor. 

While selling your house without a realtor may seem impossible, you can readily sell it for sale by the owner (FSBO), even in “as-is” condition. That’s right. You do not need to spruce up your home to sell it to someone, no matter its state. It could be rusty, rotten, and broken, and you can still sell it.

How You Sell a House Without a Realtor in Minnesota

FSBO Minnesota means you can save on agent commission. You might be wondering, “Is it hard to sell a home without a realtor?” Yes, it is challenging but possible. It will take a lot of work, especially if your house is rundown, but you can do it.

Keep reading to find out more about the Minneapolis, Minnesota housing market, FSBO, and how to sell a home without a realtor.

Minnesota Housing Market Overview

If you’re looking to sell a home, try to keep the real estate market in MN in mind. This year shows a flooded market since economic factors have prevented many families from moving. There is a higher demand than supply in the Minneapolis housing market, but it will likely reverse soon. Job losses mean fewer people can afford to hold onto a listing indefinitely or relocate before a sale.

The increased supply will likely cause housing prices to drop. Rising unemployment rates also lead to declining costs. Many sellers will want to maintain their previous pricing, but that could leave their homes on the market longer. To avoid an indefinite listing, try to account for annual taxes, monthly expenses, maintenance costs, and listing fees.

The real estate market in Minnesota shows variable mortgage rates due to changing bank regulations and the Federal Reserve cutting back on mortgage-backed securities. These actions all affect mortgage rates, so you may wish to sell your Minnesota home ASAP to avoid running into these complications.

Lastly, this real estate market overview shows that despite millions of homeowners have held onto their property, they lack economic security and may need to sell their homes soon once mortgage payments unpause. As the year carries on, more homeowners may need to sell their property as they fall under foreclosure.

You can bypass these troubles by selling your home immediately in Minnesota. An immediate sale means you can avoid showings, listing expenses, holding costs, low mortgage rates, and beat the overflooding market.

Benefits of FSBO in Minnesota

There are several benefits of selling a house without a realtor. While challenging, you can make more money, control the selling process, and maximize your resources.

Make More Money

One of the benefits of FSBO in MN is making more money. You do not have to pay a realtor commissions fee, ranging from 5.37% to 6.17% in Minnesota. That means if you sell your house for $250,000, you will make an extra $13,425 to $15,425. Keep in mind that some of this additional income will go towards marketing.

FSBO also means you will not need to compromise on your home’s price. Real estate agents may encourage you to take a low offer to sell it quickly, but you can hold out for a better deal.

You Get Full Control

Another one of the benefits of selling a house by yourself is having complete control. You can choose the price, how you want to package your home, who you let view it, and who gets to own it. If you have trouble trusting realtors, you will not need to interact with one for the duration of your sale.

While you can choose the sale price, you may aim a little high. As home sellers, you do not have an objective view of its value since it comes with countless memories. However, if you have any expertise in negotiating, marketing, people skills, and sales, you will have a better chance of selling it for the correct price.

Maximize Your Resources

The benefits of selling a house on your own do not end here, you can use your resources to attract the best potential buyers. You could pay for an FSBO website like Mill City Home Buyers to put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This database attracts agents’ attention and can get your house sold faster.

Other FSBO resources include social media, Craigslist, and local media. Some websites will list your home on multiple sites for you, saving you time when selling your home.

FSBO works well for individuals who live in rural areas. If you do not have access to a realtor, you can sell your house yourself readily online.

Remember that FSBO takes a lot of time since realtors have expertise in accelerating the home sale process. Nonetheless, you can quickly get an offer on your house by using the above resources.

Pros and Cons of FSBO

There are a few pros and cons of selling a house by yourself. This challenging task has a high risk for a high reward, but the pitfalls could change your mind about for sale by the owner.

Pros of Selling a House Without a Realtor

  • You can save money on a realtor’s commission fee
  • You get total control of the selling process
  • You can show all the best features of your home since you know it well
  • You can apply your skills in negotiation, contracts, sales, and marketing
  • You do not need to compromise on a low price
  • You can pay for a website to make an MLS listing
  • There are countless FSBO resources
  • You can work with a realtor and do some of the work for them to avoid paying them as much
  • You can sell to trusted buyers
  • You will have better chances selling a home in a rural area
  • Buyers are more likely to buy with a limited inventory

Cons of Selling a House On Your Own

  • You will hear criticism about your home’s condition and appearance
  • You may not choose an objective asking price
  • You will need to learn as you go for the best selling strategy
  • If you do not have sales or negotiation expertise, you may struggle to get your house approved for the MLS
  • Some realtors tell their clients to avoid FSBOs due to negative past experiences
  • Real estate agents have more connections to qualified buyers
  • It generally takes more time to sell your house with FSBO
  • You will need to handle legal documents, questions, tours, marketing, and negotiating yourself

FSBO vs Selling With a Realtor in Minnesota

When choosing between FSBO or selling a house with a realtor, you may wonder which one suits your needs. With FSBO, you avoid paying the buyer’s agent’s commission, control the purchase price, manage your showings, sell for top dollar, and know everything about your house and neighborhood.

However, selling with a brokerage has its benefits. Despite their realtor fees, they understand pricing strategy and the market value. They can provide an accurate listing price, and they know marketing costs well. Also, they have a slew of buyers at their disposal and recognize the documentation involving things like closing costs.

Deciding FSBO vs realtor has its challenges since both have their purposes. If you do not mind putting in the extra legwork, we recommend considering FSBO to maximize your profit.

How to Sell a House By Yourself in Minnesota

If you want to learn how to sell a house without a realtor in Minnesota, you’ve come to the right page. Here are some tips for selling a house by yourself in MN.

Make sure to research how real estate works thoroughly. Minnesota has laws about property sales that you will want to understand before attempting to sell. By learning real estate vocabulary and sourcing your previous paperwork, you can more readily prepare to sell your home.

Once you understand the process, try to contact people you will need, like appraisers, real estate attorneys, and prospective buyers. Also, ensure that you have the correct documentation for the home closing. Learning how to sell a house by yourself in MN will seem confusing if you do not brush up on realty foundations.

Sell a House By Yourself in Minnesota

Make sure to find the average listing price of houses in your neighborhood before putting yours on the market. Potential buyers will not have the same interest in a home that costs twice as much as a similar one nearby. 

For the best results, you will want to give your home a deep clean so that viewers can imagine themselves living there. If they see your decorations, they will see your life, not theirs. Renovations always help with selling a home, but you can get away selling it “as-is.”

Try to market your home cheaply. You can make online posts on social media and pay for yard signs and brochures to spread the word. An open house can entice visitors to make an offer. More marketing strategies mean more interested buyers, so try to use as many as possible.

Lastly, practice negotiating. People will provide counteroffers, and you want to make sure you are not offended by their low quotes. You can still lower your price below the offering and save the 6% commission.

Some potential buyers may negotiate closing costs, appliances, and the closing date. By preparing for these possible hiccups, you will have a better chance of selling your house without a realtor.

Sell Your House to a Cash Home Buyer

If you want to learn how to sell a house by owner in Minnesota, you will need to research cash home buyers. They will pay a flat fee in cash to purchase your house, meaning you can close faster with less paperwork.

A cash home buyer will quickly make an offer on your home. They will offer enough to pay your remaining mortgage and process all parts of the sale in-house. Many do hire a listing agent, but you can avoid real estate commissions with your purchase agreement

Cash buyers pay through lenders, and they usually do not offer the highest market price, but they can quickly take it off your hands and save you from paying bills. You can sell it to them in any condition without paying for inspections or appraisals.

They make selling a house by yourself in Minnesota simple, but you may profit more with FSBO. However, if you cannot afford repairs and wish to sell as-is, you may want to consider a cash home buyer.

Selling Your House As-Is

Selling your house as-is may be your last resort if you need to move quickly and cannot make repairs. You will earn less than selling a fully functional home, but you will save time and money before listing. On the other hand, you may get fewer offers and lower profits.

If your home needs extensive repairs, you may make more to sell as-is than to pay for the repairs first. However, people will see every flaw in your home, potentially making them less likely to buy it.

Ensure you make a property disclosure and hire a home inspector before listing to ensure it is safe to inhabit. Professional cost estimates always help when setting a realistic price.

The quickest way to sell a house as-is is through a cash home buyer like Mill City Home Buyers. We can handle all the complicated steps for you so you can move on from your old house.


If you want to sell your house, you could opt for a realtor or FSBO. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, but FSBO could maximize your profits and give you more control over the sale.

To sell a house as-is, consider selling to a cash home buyer. They will buy almost any home so that you can speedily move out.


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