How to Sell Your House and Move Out of State

If you’ve decided Minnesota is no longer home and it’s time to relocate and move out of state, you’re in the right place. The real estate market can be scary, and selling your house to move out of state is an extensive undertaking. 

Becoming a house seller not only puts weight on your shoulders to find a buyer in the Minnesota real estate market, but it also gives you a sense of urgency as you are trying to decide how to sell a house when living out of state.

Knowing how to sell a house and move to another state in the Minnesota real estate market is about staging your home to sell quickly, marketing to potential buyers, accepting reasonable offers, and confirming the closure of the sale. 

In this whole process of selling your home and relocating, it is essential to maintain a level head. Here are some tips to help give you peace of mind during the home selling process and make the transition into your new home in your new state.

Tips for Selling a House and Moving Out of State

Tips for Selling a House and Moving Out of State

There are various ways to improve the likelihood of selling your house before moving out of state. The need to make a sale and make it quickly may result in considering a home buying company, so you are not stuck with a home in two different states. 

Consider us as one of your options! We buy houses in Minnesota to assist home sellers like you who need to sell a home quickly and efficiently to avoid the headache of owning a home in two different states. 

While a home buying company is an option for a quick sale, there are also steps you can take to ensure a quick sale to the right buyer. Here are some tips for selling a house and moving out of state.

Stage Your Home So It’ll Sell Quicker

Staging your home to create appeal to potential buyers sounds easier than it is, especially if your creative juices aren’t flowing. 

The easiest way to stage your home is to declutter and deep-clean the living space, paying attention to the areas buyers are more likely to spend more time viewing. Home staging allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the home and utilizing the spaces for their specific, intended purposes.

Ensuring the indoor and outdoor spaces are well defined, clean, and put together will help buyers see the home’s potential and ultimately help the home sell faster.

Make Sure You Market Your Home to Potential Buyers

Marketing is a vital step to attracting potential buyers to your home. Without utilizing marketing tactics, your home may not attract buyers in a timely fashion, leaving you with a home that will not sell. 

The most common platform for homebuyers to begin their search for a new home is online sites. Online house shopping does not allow you to sell the home to them face-to-face, making it difficult to show potential buyers the home’s selling points. To get buyers interested in the digital platform, marketing using high-quality photos of your home and taking the time to list the benefits of the house is essential to attracting buyers.

It is also vital to ensure you are marketing to the right target audience. For instance, a single adult with two cats isn’t going to need a four-bedroom house. Find the platforms that will reach the home buyers that are most likely to fit the type of home you are selling.

You May Need to Accept a Lower Price for a Quick Sale

While getting the most of your home is the desired outcome to selling a house, pricing your home slightly below its market value will give it a better chance for a quick sale. A recommended strategy to sell the home quickly is to list the home 10% below its market value. 

By doing this, you are ensuring maximum exposure, and potential buyers are more likely to view your home instead of other homes on the real estate market listed at a higher selling price. 

Accepting a lower price for your home allows you to keep from owning a vacant home and can give you more freedom to find your new house and a new job in your new location.

Confirm You Can Close the Sale Out of State

Closing on a home is stressful – not to mention closing out of state. Although closing remotely isn’t the preferred process, it’s gaining popularity as busy schedules cause difficulty finding a time to meet and close on the house. 

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure all parties involved – such as your real estate agent and the title company – are aware that you will be closing remotely. Make decisions together to confirm how documentation is delivered. Also, ensure all deadlines are met and understood by all parties. The first step to making sure all parties are made aware of the plan is to contact your realtor. 

How to Sell a House and Move Out of State

The best way to ensure you are covering all your bases to sell your home and move out of state is to create a timeline. Creating a timeline ensures you complete all the necessary tasks for moving and helps relieve the stress of last-minute work that you may have forgotten to complete months ago. Knowing how to sell a house and move out of state to a new location will help you relocate with ease.

Create a Timeline

The first step on your timeline is listing and selling your home. If you move before selling your home, completing the necessary tasks can become tricky as your timeline may not fall into places you had initially planned. Selling your home after you move is doable; adjust your timeline to ensure you are 100 percent moved out of the home you are selling before closing.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent 

Finding a real estate agent you know you can trust and selling your home for the right price is a tremendous help to selling your home. While a real estate agent is beneficial to selling your home, you may decide to sell the house without a realtor. If this is the route you choose to take, make sure you have all the necessary tools to complete the sale.

Update Your Home

Making updates to your home will help boost the appeal of the property to generate more interest. Moving out of state is expensive, and relocating is a hassle, so don’t overthink it regarding updates on the home. Budget-friendly fixes and minor updates to give it a fresh look will go a long way. Making inexpensive updates is a great way to ensure your home is ready for an open house and potential buyers will not be turned away by minor issues.

Take Quality Home Photos

Take Quality Home Photos

No one will want to look at a home that only has a couple of low-quality photographs. It may not be a bad idea to hire a photographer to come in and take high-quality photos of your home that will attract buyers. 

Pack Smart

Deciding to sell your house and move states is an extensive undertaking. Begin your packing process early and start downsizing as soon as possible. Getting rid of damaged items or ones you no longer need is a great place to start. Creating a moving inventory is an excellent way to keep track of your items and remain organized when it comes time to unpack. 

There may be potential buyers interested in your home that submit a cash offer on your house. These offers may come from individuals or companies that buy houses for cash. Cash offers are an excellent option for selling your home quickly and efficiently. 

Working with Cash Home Buyers in Minneapolis

A cash home buyer is someone who makes a cash offer on your home. Essentially, the buyer has the money in hand to purchase your home right then and there. Selling your house to a cash buyer removes the hassle of dealing with banks and loan companies. While there are many advantages to the homeowner, disadvantages also accompany the process, as with any other process that involves large sums of cash.

While individual cash home buyers are out there, there is also the option of making a home sale to a cash buyer company. Companies that buy houses in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas can make fair cash offers on your home. 

The most efficient way to find the best home buying company in your area is to understand the different types of home buying companies and evaluate the various cash offers made on your home. 

Working with your realtor on a fair price for your current home is the best way to ensure you are receiving a fair cash offer. 


Relocating to a new state and selling your home in the process is a daunting task that you shouldn’t take lightly. Knowing how to sell a house and effectively move to another state will ease the process and create less overall stress. The housing market is intimidating, especially to first-time home buyers and sellers.

Staging your home to ensure it is open-house ready, marketing to the correct audience, asking slightly under the market value, and knowing your specific closing process are all essential steps to ensuring your home sells quickly.


Kevin is a real estate investor dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

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