Here’s How Long it Takes to Condemn a House in Minneapolis

A reacently condemned house with plywood on its windows and door frames

A condemned house is one that the government has declared to be unsafe and uninhabitable due to health and safety concerns. This usually happens when a home has significant structural damage or has been neglected for an extended period.

Condemning a house in Minneapolis can take a few weeks to several months. According to the Vacant and Condemned Property Dashboard, the City of Minneapolis has the power of eminent domain and can condemn property if it is deemed unsafe or unsanitary.

It is possible to sell a home that has been condemned. While finding a buyer willing to purchase the property in its current condition may be challenging, there are options for selling a condemned house. You can either sell the property as-is and then hand over the keys to the new buyer or make repairs and have it re-inspected before putting it on the market.

Keep reading to learn more about the timeline for condemning a property and your options to sell your condemned home.

How Long Does it Take to Condemn a House

A municipality can condemn a house for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Eminent domain
  • Structural damage or neglect
  • Repetitive housing code violations
  • Being abandoned and boarded up for an extended period

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property for public use, following the payment of just compensation based on fair market value. The federal government or state government uses eminent domain to facilitate public projects.

Structural Damage or Neglect

Structural damage that can lead to a house being condemned includes foundation problems, roofing issues, water damage, fire damage, mold growth, and electrical hazards.

Unsafe living conditions that can cause a home to gain condemned status include significant structural damage, neglect, hazardous materials, black mold, and lack of basic utilities such as running water and electricity.

Repetitive Housing Code Violations

Building code violations could lead to the condemnation process:

  • Structural integrity issues
  • Presence of hazardous materials
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Plumbing problems that have not been addressed after multiple warnings from local authorities

Abandoned House

Houses abandoned for an extended period of time can get condemned for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Safety concerns include exposed wiring, broken stairs or railings, and other potential risks that could cause injury
  • Structural damage, ranging from rotting wood to crumbling walls and foundations
  • Health hazards like mold, asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous materials, or a pest infestation
  • Zoning citations or code violations

The Process for Condemning a House

For a home to be condemned, the local government must assess the property and determine if it meets specific criteria. If the house does not meet its standards, it will issue an order declaring it unfit for habitation. The homeowner then has a certain amount of time to make necessary repairs to the condemned building before being forced to vacate the premises.

If the inspector finds that the property does not meet safety standards, they will issue a condemnation notice to the homeowner. This notice will explain why the house is being condemned and what steps must be taken to become habitable again. The homeowner then has a certain amount of time (usually 30 days) to repair or vacate the premises.

If repairs are made within this timeframe, the condemnation notice can be withdrawn, and no further action will need to be taken. However, if repairs are not made, or the home is abandoned for too long, the city may take legal action against the homeowner and begin condemnation proceedings. This process can take several months, depending on how quickly all parties can agree.

While each step of this process can vary in length depending on individual circumstances, it typically takes several months from start to finish before a city officially condemns a house.

Average Time it Takes to Condemn a House

The process of condemning a house can take 30 to 60 days, depending on the county. Sometimes, a home may take up to a year or more to be condemned. It is usually due to repeated housing code violations that put the safety of the building at risk. Also, houses can be condemned if abandoned and boarded up for an extended period or lack utilities such as water and electricity.

Condemning a Home in Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis outlines the process to condemn a home in Minneapolis. The steps to address issues with the building include registering it as vacant and creating an agreement to rehab the building. According to Minnesota law, properties must be blighted to be condemned and prove an actual danger or a public threat to health.

Property owners are typically entitled to receive the condemning authority’s appraisal of the property taken. Minnesota law protects homes, farms, and small businesses from eminent domain abuse and explicitly prohibits Minnesota from using eminent domain for private development projects.

Timeline to Condemn a House in Minneapolis

When it comes to condemning a home in Minneapolis, there is a specific timeline that must be followed. Here is an overview of the steps involved:

  • Pre-Condemnation Negotiation: This is the first step in the process and involves negotiations between the city and the property owner.
  • Petition and Hearing: If negotiations fail, the city will petition the court to begin condemnation proceedings. The property owner can then present their case at a hearing.
  • Transfer of Possession: Once the court has ruled in favor of condemnation, possession of the property will be transferred from the owner to the city.
  • Commissioners’ Hearing: This hearing determines how much compensation should be paid for the condemned property.
  • Abandoned Property: If a property has been vacant and boarded for more than 60 days, it may be considered abandoned and subject to condemnation by the city.

My Home Has Been Condemned Now What?

If your home is condemned, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Contact your local government to find out what code violations caused the condemnation and how to fix them.
  • Work with a real estate professional to determine if it’s possible to repair the property or if it needs to be demolished.
  • Consider selling the house as-is through a traditional sale or a cash buyer.
An old and condemned house with plywood in its window and door frames

What’s the Longest Time It Can Take to Sell a Condemned House

Condemned houses are typically sold in an auction, and the buyers don’t usually see the home in person. But what is the longest time to sell a condemned house?

Once a house is deemed condemned, it can only be offered for rent or sale once the owner makes repairs. However, it is possible to sell a condemned house under certain conditions. Finding the right buyer who understands all the risks of buying a condemned property is essential.

The amount of time it takes to sell a condemned house varies depending on several factors, including the location and condition of the property. Generally speaking, it could take anywhere from one month up to several months before an interested buyer makes an offer on a condemned house.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

Selling a condemned home to a cash buyer or real estate investor can have many advantages, including:

  • Quick and easy process – no need to wait for financing or inspections
  • No need to make repairs or renovations
  • No realtor fees or commissions
  • Ability to sell the property as-is (even if it has foundation problems)
  • Cash in hand quickly
  • Avoid foreclosure proceedings

Selling a condemned house to a cash buyer can take several days to a few weeks. The process is typically much faster than selling the home through traditional means. Cash buyers can usually close with home sellers quickly, as they do not need to go through the same lengthy process of obtaining financing or dealing with inspections and appraisals.

The first step is to find a good cash buyer in your area. Look for companies that advertise, “we buy houses Minneapolis.”

Once you’ve found a cash buyer, they will typically offer you an initial estimate based on information about your property, such as its size, condition, and location. You can negotiate with them until you agree on the final sale price. Once the sale has been agreed upon, the cash buyer will usually arrange to inspect the property to ensure it meets their standards before closing the deal.

Several options are available for those looking to sell a house fast in Shakopee. One of these is working with Mill City Home Buyers, which offers cash offers within 24 hours and no fees or commissions involved. They also have experience dealing with difficult situations such as foreclosure or probate sales, making them an ideal choice for those looking to sell quickly without any hassle.


A home can be condemned when deemed unsafe or uninhabitable by a government entity. This usually occurs when the house has significant structural damage, has been neglected for an extended time, or poses health and safety concerns.

If a house in Minneapolis is deemed unfit, the local government has the power of eminent domain to condemn it. An abandoned property is defined as property that has been vacant for more than 180 days or is very unsanitary. The city may post a condemnation notice at the home and must approve the purchase before closing.

Selling to cash home buyers in Minnesota is an excellent option for those looking to get rid of their property quickly and easily without worrying about repairs or commissions.


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