Selling Your House in Five Days

A Guide to Selling Your House in Five Days

Few things are worse than having a house that won’t sell. Months on the market, open houses, and advertising – nothing can make your home sell so you can get on with your life.  

Your house that won’t sell is a mortgage payment you have to make each month, even if you have moved to another city for work, a relationship or to retire.  

Maybe your home needs work. Foundation damage, out-of-date décor, worn-out flooring, or an exterior that needs a fresh coat of paint – all these problems could keep your home from selling. Updating your home and making needed repairs so your home would sell might take thousands of dollars, money you don’t have.  

Selling Your House in Five Days

Or maybe you’d like to sell the rental home you own, but your last tenants left it damaged. You may be worried that real estate investors wouldn’t give it a second look. 

Don’t worry. You can sell your house in Minnesota in as little as five days with Mill City Home Buyers. They will help you sell your house and move on with your life.  

Whether you need to fix up or sell the house as is, visit the Mill City Home Buyers website and ask for a free, no-obligation quote to start. With a reputable cash buyer, you won’t have to get your house appraised or inspected. 

You may find yourself closing the sale of your property just days later. 

Research Cash Buyers in Minnesota  

It may seem like a dream come true, but you can sell your home as is in as little as five days. Do your homework and companies that buy houses in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, as well as the local market and pricing. You’ll find out that Mill City Home Buyers has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and five-star ratings from satisfied customers.  

Mill City Home Buyers purchases homes in the Minneapolis area regardless of their condition. Visit the Mill City Home Buyers website and enter a few key pieces of information to get your free offer within 24 hours.  

There’s no need to make repairs or even clean your home. You’ll get an offer quickly and can set a closing date that’s most convenient for you.  

Search online for Minneapolis area home buyers who will pay cash for your home as-is. We believe you’ll find Mill City Home Buyers among the best options for a quick sale without the cost or hassle of getting your home repaired and updated.  

More information is available online including advice on how to sell your house quickly with the least amount of hassle.  

Work with an Experienced Realtor  

Working with an experienced Realtor can also result in the sale of your home. Your real estate agent may advise you to make your home more attractive to potential buyers by painting the interior or exterior, updating drapery and décor, landscaping, or even adding rented furniture to “stage” the home so those touring it can visualize your home as move-in ready.  

There are benefits to working with an experienced Realtor certified by the National Association of Realtors. A real estate agent can usually sell your home for your asking price or more. The NAR website can help you find an experienced Realtor in the Minneapolis area.

This method might sell your home for more than in an as-is cash purchase, and a real estate agent can find buyers who may be interested in your home as their own residence or as a rental investment.  

Selling your home through a Realtor may take longer than a cash buy would, and you may need to make repairs and updates to your home. 

Realtors and real estate agents also get a commission for their hard work. This will reduce the amount of money you receive. But the outlook of a higher price often offsets the Realtor’s commission.

Cash Buyer Incentives  

A cash buyer won’t show up to the closing on your house with a briefcase full of money. The term cash buyer simply means that the buyer of the house has the funds to make the purchase without going through a lender to get a mortgage.  

Not going through a lender speeds the home-buying process for buyers and sellers and takes away the risk of financing falling through.  

Cash buyers can offer incentives to home sellers such as:

Selling Your Home Fast

Since a cash buyer has the funds to make the buy, appraisals and inspections aren’t needed, so the process can move more quickly than if a mortgage lender was involved.

Cash Incentives

Since a lender’s approval isn’t involved, cash buyers can offer additional cash benefits to home sellers.

Additional Perks

Some cash buyers may even offer perks such as a vacation to sellers after the deal is done.

Without those time-consuming appraisals and home inspections, which might result in mandatory repairs, home selling is simplified to an exchange of cash for a property through an agreement. A closing for your home sale could occur within days. 

Market Your House Like a Business  

Another way to sell a house quickly is to market your home like a business. Just as you would market a business or a product for sale, you could market your home in the same way. If your house for sale is an investment property, this is especially true. 

Marketing your home for a ‘for sale by owner,’ or FSBO, sale can be a challenge. Marketing a home for sale can feel like a full-time job. Making your home stand out from the crowd on Zillow and ibuyers can be challenging, especially if you don’t want to make updates and improvements.  

Here are some marketing strategies that might work.


Placing ads online and in print would be an option, as would setting up multiple open house events where buyers could tour the property.  

Making a Good First Impression

Getting the market value or better in your home sale will mean making a good first impression with buyers. That might require making it comparable to a new home with repairs, updates, and a fresh coat of paint. Landscaping and yard maintenance for curb appeal will be required.  

Holding an Open House

Open house events can sell your home fast, but that’s only if the right buyer enters your front door and is ready to make a purchase. Some home sellers may find themselves cleaning out closets or storing their possessions off-site to make their homes look bigger. 

Getting ready to showcase your home in an open house can be a challenge for homeowners.  

Even if your open house results in an offer above your asking price, the prospective buyer’s financing deal might fall through. So much for selling your home fast! 

Sell Your Property As-Is for a Lower Price  

If you want to sell your house fast for the best price without making extensive repairs or even cleaning the carpets, you should look for companies that buy houses in any condition. A faster home-selling time might cost you in the sale price of your house, but that is only a possibility.  

You may find that it’s worth accepting a reduced price to sell your house quickly and not have to repaint, replace flooring or do foundation work. A cash purchase of your home as-is could be complete in as little as a week or less.  

Sell Your Property As-Is

If you’re relocating, selling a home fast can let you move on with your life. Maybe you’re avoiding foreclosure or decided that real estate investing isn’t for you. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your home fast, a cash buyer willing to buy your home as-is may be the answer. 

It’s a myth that every cash buyer makes a low offer. Depending on the real estate market, the house’s condition, and its location, you may get a higher price for your home from a cash buyer than if you made improvements, repairs, or updates. Those upgrades needed for curb appeal can be expensive enough to offset profits from the sale of your home.  

Sell Your House Fast 

Home selling doesn’t have to be a months-long process with the risk of a buyer’s financing falling through. Repainting the interior and exterior, replacing flooring, landscaping, and staging for an open house doesn’t have to be involved.  

A cash buyer such as Mill City Home Buyers can make you a free no-obligation cash offer in as little as 24 hours. A closing can be scheduled to your specifications, and there’s no worry of financing falling through since the sale is done on a cash basis. No appraisal is needed, either.  

The best way to sell your home in the Minneapolis area within five days is to sell it to a reputable and five-star rated local cash buyer who can guide you through the selling process. A week from now, you could have a fair price for your home without the headaches and hassles of home selling. Sell my house fast in Minnesota!


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