Housing Market Trends in Minnesota for 2021-2022

Future home buyers need to understand the latest housing market trends so they can tackle real estate and find the home of their dreams! It can be daunting to work on the house selling process. What are the latest real estate trends? What if you do not understand the Minnesota real estate market forecast?

Do not worry. Whether you are looking to purchase a new house for your family or preparing to sell your home, learning more about the housing market can get you on the right path. Find out more about forecasted house prices for your next relocation and the Minnesota real estate trends so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

Minnesota Real Estate Market in 2021

Minnesota Real Estate Market in 2021

The Minnesota housing market is a burgeoning and blossoming area of business that shows how cities like Minnesota are rapidly increasing in demand and popularity. With an influx of tons of young professionals and families moving to this beautiful state, it is no wonder the housing market reflects the wealth of businesses, transportation opportunities, and diverse economy.

Despite the housing market taking a sharp decline during the beginning and middle of last year, Minnesota real estate bounced back in the last quarter. 

Although the Minnesota real estate trends were looking bleak for the last quarter of 2021 into the beginning of 2022, the forecasted house prices are now looking better than ever. Buyers and sellers remained patient, and the existing home sales increased by nearly 2% month by month in the final quarter of 2021. 

At the end of 2021, the state’s average home prices increased over 8% to a whopping $308,500 by October. Furthermore, the Affordability Index decreased by 11% in the same month. Although this shows how the real estate market forecast was not as favorable for potential buyers at the end of 2021, house selling in the state continued to remain prominent. 

Furthermore, the Minnesota housing numbers have continually improved year after year. Despite the reduction in closing sales by the end of 2021, the overall picture of selling a house in Minnesota has steadily risen in the past few years. 

The median sales price has increased by 8.2%, the average sales price has increased by 5.2%, and the percentage of the original price received by the house seller has increased by 0.4% during the home sale. 

After a fluctuating year, the Minnesota housing market forecast is looking on the up and up for 2022. If you are looking to sell your house for a huge profit, you may need some help heading into the new year. Fortunately, you can use Cash home buyers Minnesota to get you a great deal and save on the hassle of doing everything on your own! 

Forecasted Inflation of Real Estate in 2022

Understanding the future Minnesota housing market forecast is essential to see where you should buy a home when you should sell, and house selling tactics to keep an eye on for the beginning of 2022. Working with Minnesota realtors can help house sellers earn more than the national average by listing their property on home sites, like Zillow.

One city to look at in particular is the Minneapolis Metro area. The twin cities reflect the entire state as a whole and are one of the most exciting areas to browse when looking at real estate in Minnesota. 

Minneapolis reflects a growing Minnesota real estate. The average home value in the metropolitan area has risen 13.6% in the previous year alone, showing how the dramatic influx of people in the area has driven up competition and caused the price of rental property and houses to increase. 

Furthermore, the projected housing market forecast for 2022 estimates the cost of housing will increase another 11.4% in just one year. Therefore, those who are looking to get involved with real estate investing should consider the surrounding house prices when it comes to putting their home on the Minnesota housing market. 

Minnesota Real Estate Price Forecast in 2022

The Minnesota real estate price forecast can provide buyers and sellers with a good idea of the market in 2022. Last month, the median listing price of a single-family home in the Minneapolis metro area was just over $294,000, showing how the housing values have increased substantially in the metro areas of Minnesota in the past few years. 

This can give way to families and retired couples looking elsewhere to purchase a house in 2022. Instead of forcing themselves into a crowded city, where the forecasted house prices will continue to rise, families and older couples may look elsewhere, like suburbs, to find more affordable homes for sale. 

Furthermore, the median sales price of a single-family home in the Minneapolis metro area is just over $295,000. 

These metrics indicate that sellers are getting the asking price for the houses they place on the market, showing how the demand for houses in the Twin Cities housing market and the Twin Cities metro area is higher than avg.

Homeowners and sellers need to take into account the House Price Index before they start browsing the Minnesota House market forecast and the steps of selling a house. The House Price Index for the Minneapolis region shows that the one-year change in home prices has increased by 10.3% and the 5-year change in home prices has increased by an astronomical 41.2%. 

These numbers are crucial to take into account while analyzing the housing market trends in Minnesota. By seeing how the number of homes and housing affordability affect the forecasted house prices, individuals can learn where to look for houses, when to sell their houses, and how to choose real estate in Minnesota. 

Those interested in looking to purchase a home in an up-and-coming area, like Bloomington, need to browse new listings to find homes that have the lowest number of days on the market. This way, they can almost guarantee that they will have a higher chance of finding new homes that aren’t already snatched off the Minneapolis housing market.

For those who are new in the real estate world or who have never sold a home before — which is most homeowners in today’s world — it is almost essential that you use Minneapolis area realtors to help you get the job done. Fortunately for homeowners who need to make a quick chunk of change, we buy houses in Minneapolis to help you get cash in hand fast! 

Trends in House Selling by 2022 in MN

Trends in House Selling by 2022 in MN

There are patterns and trends to analyze when it comes to browsing the house market forecast and really understanding how to succeed as a house seller. Analyzing the Minneapolis and Minnesota housing market is crucial to predicting the forecasted house prices and real estate trends. 

Overall, the price of homes in Minneapolis is expected to increase in 2022, but maybe not at the same rate as it did in 2021. The Minnesota housing market is still building and recovering after the 2008 recession, but will continue to see steady growth in the upcoming year. 

Minneapolis home values have increased by just over 6.5% and are expected to continue to rise in the upcoming year. Furthermore, homes in other major cities, like St. Paul are expected to continually rise after its 10.7% growth in 2021. 

With mortgage rates as low as we have seen them in years, this is the best time for houses to be put on the market to get great deals. How hard it is to sell a house? With realtors helping you every step of the way, it can actually be easy! 

Average House Price Trend by 2022 in MN

The average house price at the beginning of 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota came to $319,000, with a 1.3% increase over the previous year. The median home sale price per square foot was just over $200, and the median home sale price was just over $331,800. 

These numbers indicate that 2022 is, and will be, a seller’s market more than a buyer’s market. Realtors rejoice!

This means that more people are looking to buy homes and relocate to Minneota than there are selling, which can drive up the demand and make it easy for sellers to reach the asking price on their homes. 


Understanding the cheapest ways to sell a house can ensure that home sellers are going to make the most profit in the quickest way possible. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on home showing, viewings, and marketing tactics, using a professional can help you sell your house in no time. 

As you can see, understanding the latest Minnesota housing market trends is essential to buying or selling a house at the right time. By working with qualified Minnesota realtors, you can get the best deal on a new home for you and your family. Avoid foreclosures — instead, get closed sales with reputable professionals who are here to help YOU!


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