Rights and Laws When Selling a House With Tenants

Do you intend to sell your house with tenants in Minnesota? Are you wondering, “can a landlord sell a house with tenants?” Are you worried about getting buyers who can pay your house for cash? If you’re bothered about any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

The feasibility of selling a house with tenants depends on the tenants living on the property and the lease agreement they signed.

The real estate industry is flourishing in many areas of the nation, meaning that landlords who have been hanging onto a property while waiting for their equity to rise may suddenly feel that now is the perfect moment to sell.

Of course, if you’re a landlord selling a home, likely, it’s still occupied. It may be difficult to sell with renters, and these renters can contribute to the success or failure of your sale. To successfully sell a house with tenants, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time, speak honestly and kindly with your tenants, and make some concessions where necessary.

You’ll also need to understand the Minneapolis house selling laws, landlords’ rights, and tenants’ rights when selling a house with tenants.

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Minneapolis House Selling Laws

Selling a house is a tremendous job that typically requires substantial home repair tasks, study, and a lot of patience. Hiring a real estate agent can generally help the process go much more quickly, but you will wind up paying part of your sale value to your agent.

If you’re reluctant to hire a real estate agent, you need to fully understand and obey the Minneapolis laws when selling a rental property. You must strike a balance between your desire to close the deal and legal disclosure obligations.

According to the stipulations of the standard disclosure form of the Minnesota Bar Association, a landlord or rental property seller must disclose how long they’ve stayed in the home, if they have made any structural changes to the house, or if any pet lived there. The disclosure form also addresses the plumbing, tiling, roof condition, and air conditioning questions. 

Lead-based paint in houses constructed before 1978 is likewise subject to federal disclosure regulations. Landlords must also disclose toxic elements in the house, such as asbestos and radon.

It is nearly always in the landlord’s interest to disclose any significant issues with the property to a prospective buyer, particularly any foundation or structural problems. If the seller omits or misrepresents essential facts from the disclosure, Minnesota law permits the buyer to sue the landlord.

Landlords Rights When Selling a Rental Property in MN

Minnesota’s laws require landlords to disclose specific details of the property to tenants (typically in the rental or lease agreement), such as the names of anybody with authorization to act in place of the landlord.

In terms of limits and returns on security deposits, Minnesota law is silent on this. Still, it specifies when the landlord must return it (which is three weeks after the landlord receives the renter’s forwarding address or after the renter moves).

Minnesota’s law also allows landlords to evict tenants for any of the reasons below:

  • Owing Rent: In the event of late payment of rent, Minnesota law does not compel landlords to provide renters a notice to pay. Hence, the landlord has the right to serve his tenants an eviction notice after they exceed any relevant grace period.
  • Illegal Acts: Landlords do not need to give prior eviction notice to renters who are guilty of unlawful activities on their property. Some of the illicit acts that the Minnesota law frowns at include illegal gambling, prostitution, possession of an unregistered firearm, and drug manufacturing. 
  • Violation of Lease: If a tenant violates a lease agreement, the landlord may choose to notify them and provide some advice on how to fix the issue. However, Minnesota law doesn’t compel them to do this; thus, landlords may remove renters without notice for lease breaches, especially if they have plans to sell the house.

Landlords can take advantage of any of these reasons when trying to force the tenants to vacate their property to sell the building to prospective buyers.

Renters Rights When Selling a Rental Property in MN

Before going ahead with your plans to sell your house, ensure that you’re familiar with renter’s rights when selling a rental property. Thus, it’s vitally important to understand the requirements around the question, “can a landlord sell a house with tenants.”

 If you’re asking a tenant to leave, be sure you’ve given them enough notice and that you’re duly following the state laws guiding selling a rental property.

For instance, your lease agreement must have a termination provision that allows you to terminate the lease early. It may be tough to sell a house with renters in Minneapolis. Still, if you follow the rules and work with the appropriate potential buyers, you may complete the process swiftly and with little disruption to anyone’s daily routine.

Also, a renter is entitled to enjoy quiet until his lease expires, even if the landlord already sold the house. The landlord must tender notice to the tenants and get their approval to enter the house and show the prospective buyers. Information in the notification must include the purpose of entering the house and the date and time of the landlord’s visit.

If both parties did not agree on a fixed time for viewing the property, the landlord must notify the tenants at least 24 hours before the visit. Note that the tenant may disapprove of the entry if they feel it is unlawful or unreasonable.

House In Minneapolis With Tenants For Sale

How to Sell Your House With Tenants in It in Minneapolis

When selling a house with tenants in Minneapolis, it’s only fair to make the transfer as smooth as possible. Inform them of your plans and what they should anticipate. If they want to remain in the house, find a buyer who is open to the concept of purchasing with renters, someone who will uphold the lease and keep the renter in the loop throughout the changeover. But, well, it’s business. If you’re losing money on the property or need to sell for other reasons, don’t keep it any longer than necessary.

Sell Your House to Your Tenants

There aren’t many individuals who are as familiar with and as fond of the home as you are. If your renter has lived there for a time, they might have formed a bond with the home and the neighborhood. They may be interested in purchasing the house altogether if it has become their home. Before you invest time and money into the listing process, check with your renters to see whether they are interested. The ideal buyer for your Minneapolis home may be there in front of your eyes!

Lease Expiration

Another option to consider is deferring the sale of the house until your tenant’s lease expires if you don’t need the money urgently. Then, inform your renters that you’ll need to put the house on the market and that they would need to move.

It’s essential to give them notice ahead of time, informing them of your plans. If you’re already having a cordial relationship with them, you may offer to help with the move or serve as a reference for them when they’re trying to rent another apartment. This strategy may ease the pain, mainly if the tenant has been there for a long time.

If you don’t need the cash immediately and want to invest the money and time on a listing, you’ll be better off waiting for the house to be empty.

It may be daunting to sell a house with tenants in Minnesota, depending on who your renters are and the circumstances surrounding the sale. However, it is possible if you prepare ahead, follow the law, and act intelligently.

Forced Termination of Rental

Only if you have a provision in your lease that allows you to terminate it early will you be able to do so. In several circumstances, an early lease termination option comes in useful. The provision usually states that the lease will end after 30/60/90 days, for example, when the landlord sells the property.                                                                                                                                                                                   

If you include an early termination provision in your leases, you will be able to terminate a tenant’s existing lease if you sell your property. Simply give the renter notice of early lease termination.

Sell to Someone Who Will Continue to Rent Out the Property

If you’re lucky, you can successfully sell a house with tenants in Minnesota to investors or companies that buy houses in Minneapolis and will continue to rent out the property. To such investors, they won’t have to worry about finding a tenant after purchasing the property. The investor may continue renting the house to the present tenant if they think they’re taking good care of the property to the investor’s taste.

Selling your house with tenants will eliminate the need to stage, clean, market, or show the home to prospective buyers.


Selling a house with tenants in Minneapolis probably sounds challenging; however, the sale will go smoothly if you follow the appropriate laws. You must also consider that landlords and tenants have rights that the estate agent or landlord must consider when selling a property with tenants.

To answer the question, “can a landlord sell a house with tenants:” You can either sell the house to your tenants, wait for their lease to expire, activate a forceful eviction clause in their lease agreement, or sell to an investor who will continue to rent out the property.

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