free things to do in Edina Minnesota

Don’t Miss These Free Things to Do in Edina Minnesota

Planning a trip or an outing can come with big dollar signs attached, but there are usually many free options that won’t have you worrying about your wallet. If you’re planning a trip to Edina, Minnesota, there are tons of activities you can do without hitting your bank account. 

Located just southwest of Minneapolis (also known as the “Twin Cities” with St. Paul), Edina is a city in Hennepin county. The city has a high quality of life rating and offers many different activities and attractions for visitors and residents. 

Whether you’re looking to go for a scenic walk, try out some biking, or explore the city’s public art center, you’ll be able to find many free things to do in Edina. In fact, many of the best Edina attractions are free to visit. We’ve brought together some of the best options for free, fun activities to do in Edina, Minnesota right here.

free things to do in Edina Minnesota

Free Things to Do in Edina, Minnesota

Here are the ten best things to do in Edina, MN.

Visit Centennial Lakes Park

The Centennial Lakes Park features a ten-acre lake with beautiful scenery and several walking trails surrounding it.

Visit Arneson Acres

Arneson Acres features 28 gardens that can be toured by visitors. The most impressive is the formal garden, which visitors won’t want to miss. 

Visit Edina’s Historical Sites

Edina is host to many historical landmarks for those looking to learn more about the city’s history. There are several houses with a historic background that visitors can see from a street view. To go further, individuals can visit the Edina Historical Museum, operated by the Historical Society.

Visit the Edinborough Park Amphitheater

The Edinborough Park PlayPark (an indoor playground/play area) does cost money, but the Edinborough Park Amphitheater provides many opportunities for free events. The majority of events at the Amphitheater are free and they include magic shows, movies, and children’s concerts. 

These free events make it an excellent option for family fun for those looking for fun things to do at no cost. The park is also available for birthday rentals. 

Visit Flying Cloud Dog Park

For those hoping to have fun with their furry friend, the Flying Cloud Dog Park is a great option. The park features a large watering fountain for dogs and an agility course open to all.

See Edina’s Public Art

The city of Edina helps to fund public art projects and many can be found around the city. The art ranges from sculptures, murals, and photography. The Edina art center offers different activities and events for the public.

Ride Bikes on the Edina Promenade

The Edina Promenade features trails for bikes and connects the city’s residential and retail areas. There are also trails for pedestrians located on the promenade. 

Try One of the Many Walking Trails in Edina

The city boasts diverse walking trails, whether you’re hoping for a walk through nature or a walk through historical sites. 

Try Outdoor Ice Skating

Edina has many outdoor ice skating rinks that are free to skate during the on-season when it’s cold. There is a pop-up ice skating rink available for daytime skating in Wooddale Park. Pamela Park and Weber Park have open opportunities for hockey on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Check Out Free Events From Edina’s Parks and Recreation Schedule

The Parks and Recreation department of Edina has a year-round calendar of events, many of which are free. You can check the calendar for the latest events. Some of the fun activities you can register for free to attend are yoga classes, hiking, and group biking. Some events in nearby areas are promoted too, such as farmer’s markets or other limited-time events.

Free Excursions in Edina, Minnesota

Here are the five best free excursions there are in Edina, Minnesota:


One of the twin cities, Minneapolis is just a short drive away from Edina and has many fun things to do for individuals and groups. You can visit the free art museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, go see the famous Mall of America, or visit one of Minneapolis’ public entertainment centers. The Minnesota Zoo, though not free, is also located here. 

Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet is located just outside of Edina and serves as a public park with different amenities for everyone. The area itself is beautiful and is perfect for a picnic, a walk, or other outdoor activities. Most interestingly, Lake Harriet hosts free concerts and movie showings in the summer. There is a nearby free to visit nature center as well. 

Minnehaha Regional Park

The Minnehaha Regional Park is located just outside Minneapolis and features some stunning waterfalls. The area is great for hiking and walking along the nature trails. 

St. Paul

The second of the “Twin Cities,” St. Paul (named after the historic Saint Paul) is located nearby and offers attractions such as the St. Paul’s Historical Museum and the St. Paul golf course. 

Fort Snelling

Fort Snelling is a historic site originally used to train volunteers for the Union Army. The fort itself is located on the bluffs of the Minnesota River. 

Parks in Edina, Minnesota

As mentioned above, Centennial Lakes Park and Arneson Acres are the most well-known parks in Edina. Here are some of the other parks in Edina, so you can explore the whole area:

East Edina:

  • Arden Park
  • Pamela Park

West Edina:

  • Walnut Ridge Park
  • Bredesen Park
  • Countryside Park

North Edina 

  • Wooddale Park
  • Todd Park
  • Highlands Park

South Edina:

  • Braemar Park
  • Arneson Acres Park
  • Edina Aquatic Center

Monuments in Edina, Minnesota

The Historical Society of Edina manages and promotes many landmarks that help others to learn about the history of the area. Here are the top five Edina landmarks:

Wooddale Avenue Bridge

The Wooddale Avenue Bridge is notable due to its history as a construction of the New Deal era and stands over Minnehaha Creek. 

Edina Mills Site

The Edina Mills Site is a water mill that still stands as a historical information site regarding the use of waterpower. 

Minnehaha Grange Hall

The Minnehaha Grange Hall was built as a meeting place for the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry, a “social fraternity of the farmers.”

Baird House

The Baird House is a beautiful historic home previously owned by George W. Baird. The house was built in 1886. 

Cahill School

The Cahill School is the oldest standing building in the area. 

walks in Edina Minnesota

Walks in Edina, Minnesota

Edina offers an interactive map where you can find their different walking trails. Here are the five best walks and trails Edina has to offer:

  • Heritage Landmark Walking Tour
  • Bredesen Park Trail
  • Yorktown Park Trail
  • Braemar Park Trail
  • Centennial Lakes Main Park Trail


Edina offers many fun activities that visitors or residents can try out without spending any money. Instead of breaking the bank to spend time during the day or go out for the night, consider choosing one of the many options here.

Many are family-friendly or otherwise perfect for those who are looking for outdoor activities. Much of the city has beautiful views, so don’t miss out on these free things to do in Edina. Edina has a relatively high cost of living in MN, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the free activities in the area.

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