Can You Take Your House Off The Market At Any Time?

Can You Take Your House Off the Market At Any Time?

If you still need to sign a contract with a buyer, you can take your house off the market whenever you want. This means you have control over whether your home stays for sale. If you decide to do it, tell your real estate agent.

They will change the status of your house in the multiple listing service (MLS) from “active” to “withdrawn”. This stops buyers and their agents from thinking your house is still available.

Furthermore, removing your house from the market might give you a chance to reassess your strategy if you’re looking to sell your house in Maplewood. This break can be utilized to research firms like Mill City Home Buyers, known for offering competitive cash deals and providing a streamlined and hassle-free selling experience.

Choosing to remove your home from listings should be considered carefully since it can affect how soon you might sell. Talk with your agent about why removing the listing could help, like fixing up the place or waiting for a better time to sell.

They know all about selling houses and can give good advice on what can work best for your situation.

Why Would A House Be Taken Off The Market?

If the market is depreciating, consider taking your house off the market to avoid selling at a loss. You might also do so if there is little interest in your property or you’re unsatisfied with comparable prices.

The Market is Depreciating

Sometimes, house values go down. This can happen when the housing market weakens and fewer people want to buy homes. If you see home prices falling, it might be a good reason to take your house off the market.

You don’t want to sell at a low price and lose money. In such scenarios, homeowners might consider options like selling their house for cash in Apple Valley, which can be a viable alternative. This approach often accelerates the selling process and eliminates the uncertainties of traditional market selling.

Homeowners notice when things change in real estate. They may decide not to sell if they think they won’t get a good deal. It’s smart to wait until the market gets better so you can ask for more cash for your house.

You’re Not Satisfied With Comp Prices

Even if the market value of a home is dropping, you might pull your house off the market because you feel the prices from similar homes—or comps—are too low. You know what your home is worth and want buyers who will pay for that value.

If offers don’t match your view of your home’s value, it might be smart to take a break from selling. This can give you time until the market comes back up or more interested buyers come into play.

Every buyer values things differently, so waiting for one who sees the same worth in your house as you do could make sense. Pulling off-market also lets you only settle for what you believe is fair.

After all, getting a deal that makes you happy when saying goodbye to your home is important.

There Isn’t Much Interest at This Time

Sometimes, a house just needs to get attention from potential buyers. This could happen for many reasons. There may be too many homes for sale and fewer people looking to buy.

Or the house is different from what most home buyers want right now. Taking the house off-market might be smart if this is happening. You can wait until more people start searching for homes like yours.

However, if you’re considering re-entering the market later, using this time to prepare your house for sale is beneficial. This might involve renovations or addressing common reasons that deter home sellers from getting their asking price. 

Collaborating with buyer’s agents can offer insights into market trends and buyer preferences, increasing the likelihood of a successful cash offer. Additionally, consider strategies like pocket listings or for sale by owner if traditional selling methods aren’t appealing.

Financial Reasons

Financial reasons for taking a house off the market can include higher interest rates, a brief job history, or the cost of a new home leading to a higher monthly payment. 

Real estate deals falling through due to financing needing approval, unmet contingencies, inspection problems, low appraisal, or title issues can also be financial reasons for a house being taken off the market.

Are There Fees When You Take Your House Off the Market

If you take your house off the market, you might have to pay the real estate agent a withdrawal fee. Homeowners need to understand that this fee can vary depending on the agreement with the realtor or real estate agent.

Realtors can charge a withdrawal fee if you decide to take your house off the market. However, they are required to disclose this fee before providing their services. Remember that relisting your property in the future will not result in penalties from listing sites.

Moreover, analyzing the market before deciding on a listing price when you’re ready to sell again is crucial. Understanding the dynamics of home selling and the importance of pricing appropriately can significantly impact the sale outcome. 

If you’re selling your house in poor conditions, be transparent with potential buyers or invest in necessary repairs. This strategic approach can help in attracting serious offers, potentially leading to a more favorable sale.

When Should You Take Your House Off the Market

If you’ve had no offers for a set time or if the house-selling season has slowed down, it may be the right time to consider taking your house off the market.

When You’ve Had No Offers for a Set Time

If your house has been on the market for around 30 days without any offers, it might be a sign that something isn’t quite right. In a robust seller’s market, this timeframe is often used as an indicator to reconsider your selling strategy.

Knowing the typical duration of house sales in your local area is crucial when deciding if your home has been listed for too long.

Consideration should also be given to market conditions and buyer demand during this period. If there are no bites on the line after about a month, it may indicate that adjustments need to be made in either pricing or marketing strategies.

If The House Selling Season Has Slowed Down

If the house-selling season has slowed, consider removing your house from the market. Fall is often a slower period for real estate transactions, and if you have yet to receive any offers in 30 days, it may indicate that buyers are not as active.

Additionally, in a buyer’s market with more inventory than demand, waiting until the market picks up again could be beneficial before relisting your property.

It’s important to stay informed about local market trends and consult with real estate professionals to determine the best timing for putting your house back on the market. Observing seasonal patterns and understanding buyer behavior can maximize your chances of selling at the right time for the best price.

When Should You Take Your House Off the Market

How To Take Your House Off the Market

You need to communicate with your listing agent or brokerage to take your house off the market. Ask them to provide the necessary forms for withdrawing your home from the MLS listings.

Fill out and sign these forms, officially requesting to withdraw your property from active listing status. Make sure to settle any outstanding marketing expenses or fees for taking the house off the market.

After submitting the withdrawal request, keep all documentation for records in case of future relisting. Once withdrawn, your property will no longer be publicly listed as “for sale,” but it can still be visible on certain websites like Zillow and as an off-market property until its contract with those websites expires.

Implications When Taking a House Off the Market

After taking your house off the market, consider the potential impact on its value. Off-market sales may lower selling prices than if the property were listed publicly. Additionally, you might miss out on potential bidding wars and less competition among buyers, affecting the final sale price.

Removing your house from the market could also mean fewer chances of reaching prospective buyers actively looking for properties through standard listing channels. 

It’s important to consider alternative selling strategies during this period. Engaging with cash buyers or specialized real estate investors might present a more direct and efficient route to selling your property, especially in fluctuating market conditions.

This decision may lengthen the time it takes to sell your home, impacting your financial plans or relocation timeline.


Taking your house off the market is a decision you can make at any time if you’re not under contract with a buyer. However, weighing the pros and cons before doing so is important.

If you decide to take your house off the market, consider potential consequences and be aware of any fees involved. Ultimately, it’s crucial to carefully assess your situation before making this significant decision.


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